AccessWay - for a more inclusive subway

AccessWay is a mobile way-finding app that assists the blind and visually impaired navigate the MTA Subway system. It incorporates both Bluetooth Low Energy(BLE) Smart Sensor and Wi-Fi technologies. The BLE sensors talk to a user's device and delivers audio messages regarding their surroundings - such as which platform the user is on, where the nearest exits are, and general directions from point A to point B inside the station. This information is based on the user's current location and current direction. The Wi-Fi technology is used to provide up-to-the minute train arrival times and service change advisories. The app is designed to work with Apple's built-in voiceover accessibility features.

Get both in-station way-finding messaging along with train arrival times and service advisories.


Get in-station way-finding messaging.

Only BLE

Get train arrival times and service advisories.

Only Wi-Fi

Coming to the app store in 2014.